About Swin tower


"On 06/11/2018 SWIN brand is officially present in Vietnam market in the field of early development in the field of trade and services, led by the field of investment in office buildings. new company, but SWIN was founded with a team of dedicated leaders, with many years of experience in the real estate market - building buildings, office buildings.

With the motto of constantly improving, always moving forward based on a strong enrichment foundation and reaching international reach, we have been providing diverse products, systems and services such as:

  • Providing existing office services, accompanying the Enterprise.

  • Providing representative office services, starting a business with Entrepreneurs.

  • Investment in construction, development of real estate projects, buildings, office buildings.



SWIN is constantly learning and improving products to meet customer needs and promote brands. Currently, SWIN has affirmed its brand and become a trading service company in the field of real estate trading, leasing Vietnamese goods on a large scale and in sync.

According to Vietnam's economic development orientation to 2022, SWIN has determined the direction of the company to become a large corporation. The management of the Group has analyzed and deeply looked at this strategy, determined that SWIN is facing golden opportunities to develop its brand and replicate its facilities, branches and projects throughout Vietnam. .

With a vision of destiny:

With the current strength and willingness and determination, I believe that SWIN has sufficient basis to achieve the strategic objectives set out. SWIN will become one of Vietnam's leading economic groups and reach out to the world in the nearest future ".